• Browsing before my last undergrad finals EVER!

    I really need to get some sleep so I can do well on Biochem

    But let’s be honest—

    it’s right after yoga. I’m going to be sweaty and (since it’s already almost 2am) sleepy and worn out

    and I need an 89 or above to get a “B” in this class.

    The lowest grade I can possibly get is a 61.6, which is still technically passing. My major GPA has enough “B’s” to bump up my major average, which needs to be a “C.” That’s if I don’t do the final.

    If I get a 42 on the test, I’ll maintain my “C.” I’m pretty sure the lowest grade anyone has gotten on any of her biochem tests (this semester) is a 43.

    Seeing that my 83 on the first test earned me a “good job” verbally and written on the test, and seeing that no more than 2 people have gotten an “A” on any test (which is essentially what I need to get my B), there’s really not much I can do but pray this test will be big-picture conceptual.

    So I’ll keep on browsing and see if that helps me go to sleep.


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